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Liquid quick-drying potal "ScrapEgo" Pale gold 30ml

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Liquid potal from TM "ScrapEgo" is a metallized, quick-drying alcohol-based paint with a bright metallic sheen. It is used to reproduce the color of precious metal and create the effect of gilding on wood, fabric, cardboard, stone, plastic, ceramics and other materials. When applied liberally, it creates a dense metallic coating. On porous (absorbent) surfaces such as wood, plaster, cardboard, etc. - the metallic effect will be more muted, matte; on smooth (glossy, non-abrasive) surfaces - the metallic effect will be brighter. Can be used for lightening (semi-transparent strokes). Before use, the paint must be thoroughly shaken (there is a special ball inside that helps the pigment rise). The item you are decorating must be dry, free of dirt and dust. Potal contains a metallic pigment that tends to oxidize and corrode over time, so it must be coated with a protective waterless varnish (acrylic aerosol varnish, shellac, etc.) The time for complete drying of the paint is up to 1 hour, depending on the thickness of the applied layer. Precautions: Work in gloves and a respirator, in a well-ventilated area, away from sources of open fire. Easy to do! In case of contact with the skin - wash the area with water, in case of contact with the eyes or respiratory tract - consult a doctor immediately! Store in a place protected from direct sunlight, inaccessible to children. Volume: 30ml

Delivery around the world is carried out by different transport companies at the request of the customer.
Delivery and payment are agreed in advance with the manager.

Payment is possible:

  • on the card of Privat Bank
  • to the current account
  • online payment WayForPay


12-36 month warranty of manufacture

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