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Texture paste "Vintage" with the effect of aging "Gogol-mogul" ScrapEgo 150ml

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Textured paste "Vintage" with aging effect.
It will give your art object a touch of antiquity, scuffs, with its help you can create a rust effect (brown shades), a moss effect (green shades) and simply give the product an interesting texture due to the textured particles contained in the paste.
Designed for arts and crafts, scrapbooking, decoration.
Creates texture and volume on various types of surfaces: paper, canvas, wood, fiberboard, cardboard and other primed surfaces.
Apply with a palette knife or any other convenient device.
After drying, it creates a matte rough texture.
Drying and hardening time - from 12 hours depending on the thickness of the applied layer. We recommend natural drying (without accelerating drying devices, at room temperature, away from direct sunlight), drying with a hairdryer for embossing is strictly not recommended - this can lead to deformation of the applied layer.
After work, rinse the tools (until dry!) ​​With warm running water.

Volume: 150 ml

Weight: 300g. + -5%

Expiration date: 24 months. from the date of production at temperatures from + 5C to + 30C in a place protected from direct sunlight.

Delivery around the world is carried out by different transport companies at the request of the customer.
Delivery and payment are agreed in advance with the manager.

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12-36 month warranty of manufacture

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